How to Valuate & Sell a Supermarket Chain Company

Are you thinking about selling your supermarket chain or grocery store? These types of stores change ownership frequently. The industry is well established and supermarkets are commonplace everywhere you go. Some are large superstores and others are local markets. One thing is for sure, no matter what type of supermarket you own, you know there is lots of competition. The market has become flooded with competition over the past few decades. It seems like everyone today sells groceries and all supermarkets now sell a variety of retail goods.

But, this hasn’t stopped investors and entrepreneurs from getting a piece of the action. There are even competitors within your industry looking to take up more market share. If you are thinking about selling, you will have a number of options to consider. The key is to position your supermarket well before listing it for sale to generate the most interest possible. Before selling your company consider working with a business broker. At Beacon, our team of experts can help you properly value and sell your supermarket chain. We will help you get the best return on your investment and be your trusted advisor throughout the sale process.

What Factors Are Buyers Of Supermarket Chains Interested In?

Market Value ValuationsIn order to sell for top dollar, you need to get your business in order. There is a variety of common information all sellers will want to know about your company before they decide to make an offer. It includes:

  • Sales: Are your sales numbers strong?
  • Profits: Is your business consistently turning a profit? Are you above industry norms?
  • Number of stores: How many stores do you operate?
  • Locations: Are your stores in good strategic locations?
  • Competition: How much competition is there in your region?
  • Affiliations: Do you have strong business relationships with vendors and suppliers?
  • Supply chain: Do you have a strong supply chain? Do you have a strong management system?
  • Inventory: What are your inventory levels? Do you operate lean?
  • Marketing: Do you have a strong marketing strategy?
  • Brand reputation: Does your company have a strong presence in your community?

Our business brokers can help develop a strategic sales plan that addresses all of these factors and much more.

Get A Business Valuation For Your Supermarket Chain With A Business Broker

How much is your business worth? This is the question all business owners want to know. It depends. No two businesses are the same, even if you are both in the grocery business. There are many factors that will affect your business valuation:

  • The state of your financial records
  • Current market trends
  • Sales projections
  • What other similar size supermarket chains have sold for recently

All of these factors and more are used to determine an accurate assessment of your business value. While some try to do a business valuation themselves, they often fun into issues. It’s a detailed process. If you value your business too high, you won’t attract buyers. Value it too low and you could leave money on the table. Plus, personal bias is always an issue. A business broker will provide you with an unbiased and accurate business valuation – one that will attract qualified buyers and help you sell your company for top dollar.

Use An Experienced Mergers & Acquisition Broker To Sell Your Grocery Store

While you could attempt to sell your supermarket chain yourself, working with a broker is a better option. Business brokers can manage the entire sales process, allowing you to work on improving your company and handling the day to day operations.

At Beacon, we’ll advise you on the most effective way to position your business. We’ll assist with preparation, sales and marketing, buyer negotiations, and closing the deal. Get the peace of mind in knowing you took the right approach and did everything you could to get the best return on your investment.

Sell Your Supermarket Chain With Beacon

Is now the time to put your supermarket chain up for sale? Want to learn more about the process? Speak with our business brokers today. We’ve helped many supermarket chains and grocers just like you sell for top dollar.

Our expert business brokers will take a systematic approach to value your company, developing a strong sales strategy, and finding the right buyers to help you get the best possible return on your investment. Contact us to start the process of selling your supermarket chain or grocery business.

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