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Business Consulting

If you are looking to enter the business for sale market place for the first time, we can guide you with our extensive experience in valuing and brokering successful transactions.

Beacon provides consulting services to business owners on how to prepare your business for sale. We also consult on how to optimally expand by buying another business that provides a strategic fit with your current business.

Whether our clients need a fresh perspective on a particular challenge, expert assistance in acquisition or disposition, or ongoing advice from a knowledgeable, experienced team of business leaders, Beacon delivers. We are a business brokerage in Toronto that works closely with our clients to understand their acquisition and disposition needs, as well as their business model and drivers. Often, as we work together, we uncover previously undiscovered opportunities, and work together to maximize the benefit of these new prospects. We offer customized consulting advice and also occasionally conduct seminars to larger groups.

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Seller Advisory

The team at Beacon offers the benefits of our acquisition experience by consulting with business owners in preparing the business for sale when considering selling your business. As the seller’s advisory partner, we work to ensure owners get the maximum amount of liquidity out of their business brokerage transaction by providing pre-transaction advisory services. To offer this superior level of consulting, we first work with the business owner to understand each and every aspect of the business as well as the goals of the sale. With this knowledge, we can provide the following consulting services to business owners. Contact Us for more information.

Business Planning

Create a Business Plan that describes the business strategy and forward plans. The typical small business will not have a business plan, but for larger businesses, a business plan may assist a buyer in his consideration of your business.

• Determine key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis);
• Develop different growth opportunity scenarios – product extension, new markets, better market penetration;
• Analyze the most favourable business improvement opportunities based on reward, risk and financial & organizational resources required;
• Translate into a concise business plan that describes the business strategy and its growth potential

Diagnostic Review

Undertake a preliminary assessment of potential issues or shortcomings that buyers may identify, and therefore assist you in preparing to either correcting the issues or preparing a response to the shortcomings.

• Sales performance – Analyze revenue trends (historical & projected) per product / service line and per customer group;
• Cost structure – Identify high & low margin revenue streams, and business costs that have reduced profitability over time;
• Profitability – Determine the true earnings potential of a business excluding personal, discretionary expenses;
• Marketing – Analyze the marketing strategy; customer markets, branding, key differentiating factors;
• Other critical business aspects – Evaluate inventory and working capital management, financial structure, systems and documentation, organizational structure

Buyer Advisory

Although today’s economic conditions can pose a very real challenge for business owners in operations and long-term strategic planning, with the right buyer advisory consulting, buyers that wish to diversify or expand their business can uncover unique opportunities made possible by softening valuations. Our buyer advisory consulting services cover the full spectrum, including searching for optimal acquisition targets, negotiating terms to benefit the buyer, and serving as an advisor for management-led buyouts.
Beacon is unique in that we get to know business owners and operators in-depth so that we can comprehensively assess their business needs. Often they require growth capital, equity partners or debt financing in order to succeed. We work diligently with the business to contribute our experience and business savvy garnered from helping other businesses who are faced with similar growth challenges. To view our portfolio of current listings, visit our Business for Sale section, or Contact Us for more information.