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Mergers & Acquisitions

It is essential to retain professional and experienced advisory services for mergers and acquisitions in today’s dynamic market. Beacon’s team of M&A advisors brings extensive experience in transactional work across various industries. Make us your choice for professional M&A advisory in Toronto.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services in Toronto for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Beacon Advisors is an M&A Advisory Firm in Toronto that provides leading mergers and acquisitions services across the GTA.
Whether you are buying, selling or reorganizing your business, Beacon will help you through the process. We work with you to help you achieve maximum results and reach your goals.
The team at Beacon is composed of M&A Advisors and Business Brokers who can help you by providing meaningful, relevant advisory services for mergers and acquisitions.
At Beacon, we offer our clients the advantages of a full-service business brokerage and M&A advisory firm. Our M&A advisory firm has offices in Washington, D.C. and Toronto to serve clients across Canada and throughout the United States.

How Can Beacon Help with Mergers & Acquisitions?

When looking for an M&A advisory firm, choose the firm that can offer a full spectrum of advisory services to ensure you are taken care of throughout your entire sales process. Beacon Advisors provides a full suite of M&A services in Toronto to suit the varying needs of businesses in different industries and stages of a sale.

Business Acquisitions

We assist clients with business acquisitions. When you are buying a business, the process can be convoluted and time-consuming. Our M&A business brokers will walk you through the process and assist you with every step until you successfully acquire a business.

Our business acquisition services include:

  • Identifying potential targets to purchase
  • Assisting with the M&A due diligence process
  • Analyzing and quantifying possible synergies with your business
  • Providing guidance at the negotiation table
  • Managing the entire mergers and acquisition process to get the deal done

Business Divestitures

In addition to helping you acquire businesses, we can also help you sell your business to be acquired by another party. We offer business divestiture services to aid with the partial or full sale of your business or business assets.

Our business divestiture services include:

  • Facilitating the strategic planning process to help the vendor decide whether it is the right time to sell
  • Valuing the business to provide guidance on price expectations and timing of a proposed sale
  • Providing advice on enhancing business value for a future sale
  • Searching for potential purchasers
  • Preparing the confidential information memorandum and documents
  • Structuring, pricing and negotiating a sale

Corporate Finance Services

Corporate finance directly refers to a business’s funding, value, and capital structure. We provide corporate finance services to help your business grow. Through our mergers and acquisitions services, we provide corporate financing advisory for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our corporate financing services include:

  • Succession planning
  • Employee or management buyouts
  • Developing financing options
  • Strategic planning

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Recent Advisory Transactions

Our M&A Advisory Process

When you engage Beacon’s mergers and acquisitions services, our deal team will first provide a business valuation assessment to help you identify the value of the business you are selling, acquiring, or merging with.
Our proprietary database with over 10,000 industry connections across the globe has proven effective in garnering interest from buyers across multiple industries and geographic regions. Beacon’s outreach channels and industry relationships can help you find the right fit for your business and unlock value through M&A related synergies.
Beacon understands that acquiring or selling a business is a big decision for stakeholders involved, which is why every candidate is vetted based on experience and credibility to maximize the likelihood of a successful transaction and unlock value for all stakeholders involved. Beacon maintains strict confidentiality at every step of the M&A process.
Beacon’s experienced team is closely involved throughout the offer negotiation process and deal structuring. Our team places a special emphasis on understanding client needs, ensuring that expectations are met and a win-win outcome is reached.

Finally, we help you complete your transaction. At Beacon Advisors, we are proud to have countless successful transactions under our belt.


We provide a high level of M&A advisory services to ensure transactions and subsequent business transitions are smooth, seamless, and to the benefit of our clients.

We are with you through every step of the process, from initial search up until the transaction is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mergers & Acquisitions

An M&A advisory firm provides advisory services to help businesses facilitate a merger, acquisition, or divestiture. M&A advisors will typically assist in the entire process of buying, selling, or merging companies to ensure that a transaction is fair to both businesses involved.

Mergers & Acquisitions are complex undertakings and involve several steps that require industry specific expertise. As M&A experts, Beacon can assist in the entire sell-side M&A process including:


  • Business valuation to assess the current value of a company
  • Buyer and Target screening to ensure the right match
  • Targeted confidential marketing
  • Negotiation and deal structuring
  • Closing arrangements
“Synergies” is a term often used by M&A business brokers and advisors who are looking to assist with the acquiring of a business. In the world of M&A advisory, synergies refer to the additional value unlocked from the merger two companies. There are two types of synergies: Revenue synergies which result in additional revenue as a combined entity and cost synergies which result from effective integration that leads to lower cost structures.

A merger generally refers to a marriage between two equally sized companies resulting in a new entity. An acquisition is a process in which a larger company absorbs a smaller company and integrates its operations into the existing model.

M&A is a long and complex process which requires specialized expertise and industry connections. An M&A Advisor or a Business Broker can not only add value to the process by providing industry specific know how and guidance throughout the M&A process, but can also leverage their relationships and contacts to solicit the right bidders for your business. In addition, brokers and advisors can connect you with the right accountants, lawyers and lenders to help maximize the likelihood of a successful transaction and reduce management’s involvement so that it can focus on the business and maintain performance.

There are various key objectives of acquisitions and mergers. The main objective of M&A is to increase value and revenue by combining two businesses. Additional goals and resulting benefits can be:


  1. Capitalizing on the strength of one business to migrate the weaknesses of another
  2. To become a better competitor within an industry by joining forces and reducing threats of other competitors
  3. Access to more consumers or a new demographic
  4. Access to new technologies, services, or capabilities
  5. Increase overall abilities and productivity
  6. Accelerating growth

The cost of your M&A services will depend on the scope of your merger or acquisition. Get in touch with Beacon Advisors to schedule an initial consultation. We will walk you through your options for mergers and acquisitions advisory and provide a more personalized quote based on your needs.