Industries Served



  • Hotels & Motels
  • Tour operators
  • Travel agencies
  • Ski resorts
  • Adventure sports businesses
  • Restaurants and bars

Beacon has previously advised businesses in the travel industry.


Beacon's business brokers have experience with businesses across a range of industries. As the travel and tourism industry is currently thriving, business owners may be looking to exit as others are looking to take advantage of the industry’s successes. Beacon’s team are skilled at vetting potential buyers to ensure that a business’ successors have the industry knowledge and interest to continue to take the business from strength to strength. We take onboard the seller’s vision for the company, and use this to vet interested buyers. Beacon begins every business sale with a valuation to determine the business’ true fair market value. This is followed by the creation of deliverables, with which we confidentially market the mandate to potential buyers.


Beacon understand that the circumstances of each seller differs, and we adapt our marketing strategy in the vendor’s best interests. We utilize our thousands of connections, including business owners and industry professionals, to find the ideal buyer for the business. Beacon acknowledges that the decision to sell a business can be difficult, and this is why we thoroughly vet potential buyers before introducing suitable parties to the seller.


Beacon is currently in the process of finding the ideal buyer for this business.

Industry Overview

The travel and tourism includes hotels, motels, hostels, inns, travel agencies, tour operators and all businesses that depend on tourism to thrive. The industry has a range of suppliers and the target market involves local and international tourists, corporations and governments. The tourism industry is in its mature stage and faces light regulation. Over the last five years, the tourism industry in Canada witnessed strong growth due to high consumer confidence and discretionary income on a global level. Weak oil & gas prices and competitive airfare has made travel affordable and convenient. Going forward high discretionary income and globalization will continue to drive demand for this industry. The number of individuals and families opting for international travel has steadily grown over the last decade and this trend will continue. Canada’s political stability and wealth of natural resources makes it an attractive option for a vacation destination. In addition, the country’s contrasting geographic landscapes and diverse ethnic population harbors a great environment for the hospitality industry.