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Greater Toronto Food Manufacturer acquired by National Frozen Food Distributor.

"The team at Beacon met the needs of our client in this highly specialized industry and facilitated a sale with a National Food Manufacturer.”


Beacon was engaged by an established family-run food manufacturer operating in the Toronto area. The business expanded in the Ontario market because of their excellent and highly specialized array of ethnic frozen food products. The owners were approaching retirement and looking for a change of pace after growing the business. By approaching Beacon the owners wanted to find out the value of their highly specialized business as well as enlist our services to confidentially market the opportunity to potential buyers. After completing a valuation, Beacon began the process of confidentially marketing this great opportunity to national food distributors.


Despite a highly specialized product offering, which required production in a HACCP and CFIA certified plant, Beacon provided a wide range of services to our client to meet their needs within this highly regulated industry. Beacon successfully attracted a national frozen foods distributor that saw the potential in acquiring our client and taking their diverse range of ethnic food products national as well as to the US market. This experienced buyer already had an existing presence in the United States and recognized the opportunity that existed from acquiring a specialized food manufacturer and merging it with their existing line of food products.


The team at Beacon met the needs of our client in this highly specialized industry and facilitated the sale to a national food manufacturer. The new owner had tremendous experience in the industry and was able to expand their reach into the Ontario market as well as take the ethnic food products national. After successfully building their business for over twenty years the owner and his family were looking to exit at the right time. Enlisting Beacon’s services allowed them to move on at the point of closing as well as find comfort in knowing the business that they had built would soon have a national presence.