Professional and Experienced Business Brokers and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors

Beacon is North America’s leading Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory, Business Brokerage, and Business Valuation Firm with offices in Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. We are a member of Pandion Partners, a global association of investment banks with a network of offices across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Our clients include the Owners and Management of Small to Mid-sized Private Companies, Financial Investors, Private Investment Funds, and Private Equity.


Beacon is an experienced business brokerage and M&A firm with offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and Washington, D.C. We assist successful business owners and corporate management with the sale of their business(es).
As part of our brokerage services, we match businesses with selected buyers, execute business valuations, confidentially market the opportunity, and negotiate the terms of the transaction.

Our clients can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the best price once their transaction is complete.


Beacon provides independent and advisory valuation services that align with international valuation standards. We offer Opinion of Value reports and Chartered Business Valuator reports to meet various independent valuation requirements.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

It is prudent to retain an experienced Mergers & Acquisitions advisor who will work for you in today's dynamic market. Beacon is your source for professional advisory services in Los Angeles and Toronto including the rest of Canada and the United States.


Beacon proudly serves Main Street, Wall Street, Bay Street, and the Square Mile. We offer our clients the advantages of a boutique investment bank with full-service Business Brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services to meet all transaction sizes.



The Beacon team includes seasoned professionals who come from a diverse range of professional experience and business backgrounds. Our Los Angeles and Toronto business brokers and advisors join us from banking, real estate, corporate, and legal industries.


At Beacon, we believe that there are better, more efficient ways of serving our client’s time and resources. We employ the latest technology in all areas related to confidentiality, valuations, marketing, and financial disclosure.

Advanced Valuation

We utilize sophisticated quantitative methods, advanced algorithms combined with historical market transaction information, and dozens of data touchpoints to assess the sellability of a business and its value.


Confidentiality is at the heart of each of our transactions and every step of our process. Our M&A advisory firm uses secure and encrypted data rooms to store our client’s financial information. It employs various technologies to ensure business owners can continue to operate while the opportunity receives discreet marketing.

Global Marketing

Our membership in Pandion Partners provides a valuable resource that is complimentary to Beacon's extensive international network and cross-border expertise. Our deals are broadcast far and wide on the most frequented platforms to have the most exposure in the shortest period of time.

Cutting Edge

We employ a methodology that allows us to get more deals done in a shorter time. Once identified, buyers will enter our process and be quickly engaged and filtered through. What remains are highly motivated and eager prospects that then enter our Buyer Screening regimen.


Finding the right buyer is the key to success in every sale and transition environment. We take the guessing game out of the equation and only invite buyer candidates to the negotiating table who are known, serious and capable.


We understand our client’s needs and expectations before market contact to ensure that our mandate is clear, and our interests are aligned. When it comes time to close the deal, there is little left to negotiate except for transition, timing and price.


Keeping the finish line in our sights is the end goal. Getting our client’s there is our process. Trust Beacon’s knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth transaction and post-goal transition.


Working with companies with revenues between $1 Million to $50 Million.

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Completed Transaction Engagements

Since 2008 we have assisted in selling businesses from a wide range of industries and sectors. Our expertise is in assisting companies with revenues between $1 million to $50 Million.

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Completed Valuation Engagements

We utilize sophisticated quantitative methods combined with advanced algorithms that weigh over 80 data points and variables to assess a business’s sellability and determine its value.

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Completed Financing Engagements

Businesses use capital over their lifecycle to accelerate growth. Whether you want to refinance your Corporate Debt or looking for Mezzanine Financing to further the expansion of your business, Beacon’s Corporate Finance Advisory group can help you determine the most efficient capital structure for your business and arrange financing terms to position your company for continued growth.



  • We engaged Beacon Mergers for a business valuation, and we were thoroughly impressed with the outstanding service we received. They delivered a high-quality report promptly, meeting our expectations and requirements. Not only did they address all our inquiries promptly, but they also provided comprehensive and accurate responses. The level of communication throughout the process was exceptional, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly recommend Beacon Mergers for their exceptional services.

    Arta Gallery Avatar Arta Gallery
    May 21, 2023

    Very professional. They managed the process to help get the deal done. M&A is hard! Beacon has decades of experience with multiple buyers and sellers that they've seen everything so when stuff came up, as it inevitably does, they were calm, cool and collected which is what you need when emotions (and expenses) are running high. I would work with them again and recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

    jon lewis Avatar jon lewis
    March 26, 2023
  • I had a great experience working with Beacon right from the onset. Beacon helped me evaluate and sell my business and were incredible professionals to work with throughout the entire process. Both Will and Alex were always available to answer my questions, provide detailed explanations at every step, and assist me though all phases. Beacon found the eventual buyer of my company, negotiated the deal, and provided excellent support right through to closing. If anyone is considering selling their business I highly recommend Beacon.

    Nick Findlay Avatar Nick Findlay
    March 26, 2023

    Thanks to Beacon, we sold our business and couldn't be happier. The team is attentive and professional. They work tirelessly as needed to deal with prospective buyers. Their advice is on point, and their honesty is appreciated. We felt like we were in good hands during the entire process, from evaluation to final sale.

    Kelly Siskind Avatar Kelly Siskind
    February 26, 2023
  • I had a very positive experience working with Will and his associates at Beacon. From our very first phone call, Will answered all of my questions thoroughly without talking down to me, and offered helpful insights and advice. He and his team made themselves available when I wanted to talk, and their work was detailed and delivered in a timely manner.

    Marnie Rabinovitch Consky Avatar Marnie Rabinovitch Consky
    January 26, 2023

    Alex was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Beacon for anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

    Julian Di Lorenzo Avatar Julian Di Lorenzo
    December 26, 2022
  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I have had the pleasure of trusting this great firm to handle the valuation of our company. They went above and beyond to explain the valuation process, provide insight, and complete the work within our tight deadline. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of a valuation. Thank you to the whole team for your excellent work!

    Ryan McLaughlin Avatar Ryan McLaughlin
    November 26, 2022

    We were very pleased with Beacon's services - they were very professional and responsive, helping us through the business valuation as well as the entire sell-side process. They identified a strategic buyer who was a great fit for our business and assisted in negotiating a transaction that worked for everybody. If you are looking for a professional business broker and advisor, I would highly recommend them.

    Igor Goldshtaub Avatar Igor Goldshtaub
    November 26, 2022
  • We used Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions services to evaluate and sell our business. They found a buyer which was a perfect match, and helped us through the entire negotiations and sales process.

    Nimrod Geva Avatar Nimrod Geva
    November 26, 2022

    Top of the line service by Will and Sven. Both of them took the time to answer any questions we had and follow up on any details needed. Very professional and punctual. Thanks again, pleasure working with these guys.

    Alex Ferris Avatar Alex Ferris
    October 26, 2022
  • Had a fantastic and educational experience working with the Beacon team. Patient, exceptionally knowledgeable, and happy to share professional opinion and offer guidance. A well-made investment.

    Michael Shuster (FerroqueSystems) Avatar Michael Shuster (FerroqueSystems)
    August 26, 2022

    We had a pleasant experience working with Beacon. Will and Sven were able to complete our valuation within our tight time frame. They were very professional and knowledgeable.

    Lisa Sanders Avatar Lisa Sanders
    July 26, 2022
  • I had an amazing experience with Will from the first contact. I needed an evaluation of a company I am considering of buying, and he was very helpful through out the process. He took his time to understand my requirements, asked detailed questions from the Seller, and gave me a thorough brief at the end. I truly appreciated his professionalism and responsiveness, and highly recommend Beacon M&A.

    Michael Chidane Avatar Michael Chidane
    June 26, 2022

    The team at Beacon are professionals and took the time to understand my needs and the uniqueness of my business by asking LOTS of questions! I'd be happy to recommend their services.

    Scott Hutchings Avatar Scott Hutchings
    April 26, 2022
  • very fast, efficient and helpful process.

    Dwight Trafford Avatar Dwight Trafford
    April 26, 2022

    Five Stars to them Its good to deal with people that truly know the meaning of "Customer service" Thank you

    Matt Cilla Avatar Matt Cilla
    April 26, 2022
  • Very professional and thorough. Would use their services again and refer them to other business as well

    Steven Rizzuto Avatar Steven Rizzuto
    April 26, 2022

    Wonderful experience. The entire team is extremely professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend them.

    Jonathan Psaila Avatar Jonathan Psaila
    April 26, 2022
  • Knowledgeable and easy to work with. Great work.

    Tory Osler Avatar Tory Osler
    April 26, 2022

    I had an excellent experience with Will and his team at Beacon. Everyone was very responsive to my questions and the turnaround time for my valuation was great. I really recommend their team.

    Natalia J Avatar Natalia J
    April 26, 2022



Beacon is cross border. We have three offices in the United States, one in Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C., which equates to more exposure to the US market. Beacon’s US securities business is conducted through KEMA Partners LLC, a FINRA/SIPC member and SEC registered broker-dealer.

We are a member of Pandion Partners, a global association of over 30 investment banks with a network of offices across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America.
Beacon’s approach differs from some of the other brokers in that everyone at Beacon has advanced professional certifications and academic degrees in business, accounting, law and finance. Beacon’s management and representatives are comprised of MBA’s, chartered accountants, lawyers, bankers and chartered business valuators.

The most important qualities to look for in an M&A advisor and business broker are professionalism, negotiation skill, experience and industry reputation. It is crucial to choose a broker who demonstrates professionalism and integrity as you will be trusting them with sensitive financial information.

  • Professionalism: A professional business broker will always work in their client’s best interests and maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in M&A transactions.
  • Negotiation Skills: Negotiations often fall through because there is a gap between the buyer’s and seller’s expectations. An experienced negotiator adds value by bridging these gaps and ensuring that a transaction reaches fruition.
  • Experience: An experienced M&A advisor will have the knowledge base to offer the right guidance and the foresight to anticipate and manage any obstacles that might arise during deal negotiations. 
  • Reputation & Integrity: Work with a responsive broker who is good with communication so that swift progress is made through the mandate, and there is transparency between parties.

Business brokers can add a lot of value throughout the entire sale process. After all, they are certified specialists who are experts at valuation, marketing, deal structuring, and negotiation. Consider the benefits of working with a business broker to sell or buy a business:

We may have sold a business in your industry, but the reality is that no two businesses are exactly the same. Even companies in the same industry may have different cost structures and operating models, as businesses often try to establish a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves.

One company might generate profits in an industry, while another company in the same industry may run a loss due to factors like higher costs, poor management or size disadvantages.

Beacon Advisors maintains an industry-agnostic focus and has a thorough understanding of various industries and operating models. As a business brokerage firm, we identify strengths and weaknesses and effectively quantify these factors to establish a fair market value.
A good business brokerage firm will have an extensive network of buyers, entrepreneurs, institutional and private investors, lenders and industry professionals. There are various ways that a brokerage will use its network to aid with sales:
  1. Establish a Database of Buyers: Every business intermediary should have a deep proprietary database of potential buyers. Business Brokerage and M&A advisory firms leverage their large network and reputation to source buyers and select the right fit for client companies. They begin by confidentially marketing business opportunities to targeted buyers and the general public.
  2. Tap into the Network: At the next stage, potential buyers will only see a teaser for mandates and will not know specifics like the business name or the owner’s identity. Once the buyer signs a Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality agreement, the M&A business broker will pre-qualify them and assess their experience and financial fitness before sharing more information.
  3. Identify and Contact a Targeted Group of Businesses: The broker or advisor should have a detailed proprietary database and virtual data room to establish and maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process. After initial discussions with buyers, the broker and advisor will solicit bids from the interested parties.
Confidentiality plays an essential role in the processes of buying or selling a business. Consider how business brokerage firms protect the confidentiality of their clients:
  1. Secure Properties: M&A business brokers use secured, third-party data rooms to store a business’s financial data and intellectual property information during the sale process.
  2. Competitors: When you provide a list of direct competitors who might just be fishing for information, your broker will know who to remove from the process.
  3. Never Release Public Information: Professional business brokerage and M&A advisory firms will never release public-facing information that can be too specific to point to the exact business under consideration.
  4. NDAs: It is essential to have any interested party sign appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Your business broker or M&A advisory firm will have these agreements readily available for all buyers to review and sign.
Beacon’s business brokers in Toronto provide professional advisory services and act as M&A advisors throughout the entire sale process to help sellers make an informed decision. Consider the characteristics that make us stand apart from other business brokerage firms:
Beacon deals in Chinese and has a Chinese-speaking representative Gary Guo, a seasoned M&A professional.

Business brokers, also known as business intermediaries, assist in selling privately owned businesses by connecting buyers and sellers. A business brokerage will assist with sales and be involved throughout the entire deal process.