Industries Served

Business Services

  • Internet Technology (IT) Consulting
  • Human Resource (HR) Solutions and Payroll Services
  • Security and Investigation Services
  • Data Processing and Hosting Services
  • Independent Research Services
  • Digital Media and Marketing
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Electronic Health Care (EHR) Software Companies
  • Value Added Resellers (VARs)
  • SaaS Companies
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Management
  • IT Service and Networking
  • Data Communications
  • Telephonic Technology Solutions Provider
  • Data Collection Company

Beacon has successfully advised multiple companies in the business services and related sub-industries.


Beacon was engaged by a leading data collection and market research company. The business had a global footprint spanning over 42 markets and 25 languages. The owners, at the time, were seeking an exit in order to pursue other ventures and charitable causes. Due to Beacon’s strong outreach across North America, Beacon was chosen as the exclusive broker and provided sell-side transaction advisory services through the entire sale process.


Beacon began by compiling a fairness opinion to determine the business’ true fair market value and proceeded to compile deliverables and confidentially market the mandate to potential buyers. The business had a strong operating model and had sustained double-digit top-line growth since inception. . Through our large network of buyers and industry professionals, we were able to attract several buyers for the business. Based on the seller’s criteria and vision, as well as our financial acumen, we were able to pre-screen buyers and solicit offers from serious business buyers.


Beacon's team assisted our client through every step of the sale process, and successfully completed the transaction. Beacon effectively negotiated a deal with TerraNova Partners LP, a private equity firm based in Toronto. As a control investor with other business service companies in its portfolio, TerraNova was an ideal buyer for our client’s business. Our team advised the seller through the buyer due diligence process, ensuring transparency between both parties. Beacon negotiated a share deal with a post-closing share structure of 80-20 between TerraNova and the sellers respectively. A 10% holdback agreement was negotiated by the purchasers to cover any losses due to undisclosed liabilities. In addition, the company’s major shareholder agreed to take over as the senior manager post-transaction. Beacon’s involvement allowed a successful transition ensuring that business value was not diminished in any way.

Industry Overview

The business services industry comprises businesses that focus on building business systems to support other businesses and provide infrastructure to support and add value to their clients’ business. Examples of players in this industry include Software as a service companies (SaaS), Internet Technology (IT) consulting firms, data processing and hosting services, industry research providers, digital media and content marketing, security services, third-party HR and payroll services and more. Target clients in the industry are normally other businesses and corporations. The industry is in its growth phase and businesses have increasingly been depending on third-party specialists to reduce labour costs and leverage industry-specific expertise. The industry is going through a rapid rate of technological change and disruption. Adaptation to technology and changing consumer behaviour is a key success factor. The industry is driven by economic growth and corporate profits which warrant the use of third-party services. Over the last five years, low-interest rates and a robust economic environment allowed the industry to flourish. As we enter a late phase in the business cycle, complemented by rate hikes, expenditure on business services will decrease. As a result, industry growth will be slightly slower in the next five years. Players with high platform stickiness which offer products and services fundamental to clients’ growth will continue to outperform the market.