How to Valuate & Sell a Luxury Goods Company with a Business Broker

Do you own a successful luxury goods company? If you do, there is a great chance you will have no problem selling your company. Luxury goods brands are common targets of entrepreneurs, investors, and even your competitors in your industry. People are always on the lookout for strong brands and products that have a great reputation. They are sound investments. If you are thinking about selling a business in Ontario, it’s also a great opportunity for you to maximize the money you put into your company.

Whether you started the company from the ground up or you got in recently, there is lots of potential profit to be made by selling your company to the right buyer at the right time. Are you thinking about selling? If you are, a business broker is a great resource to help you maximize your ROI.

At Beacon Advisors, our team of business brokers can assist you with everything from business assessment, valuation, to helping you negotiate the close of the sale and everything in between.

What Are The Steps To Sell A Luxury Good Company?

Selling your luxury goods company is a multistep process. The more diligent you are, the better position you will be in to sell your company. Here are the main steps involved with selling your company. A business broker can help you with all these steps and much more:

  • Making the decision to sell: This is the one step that will create a chain reaction for the rest. Thinking about selling and making the decision to move forward with the sale very different.
  • Getting a business appraisal: No two businesses are the same, even luxury goods companies. There are key differences, varying philosophies, and unique ways of approaching how you do business. A business appraisal will help you know where your company stands and how it’s positioned in the marketplace.
  • Business valuation: Before you can sell your company, you need to know how much it is worth. A business broker is the best option to help you properly and accurately evaluate your company.
  • Preparing a sales and marketing plan: Once you’ve appraised and valued your company, you can create a plan for how you want to market it to buyers. A business broker can help you create a prospectus for potential buyers outlining what your company has to offer, its financials, and other pertinent information.
  • Listing your company for sale: This is a big step. Listing your company for sale makes it very real. A business broker can help you identify to right places to list your company. They will also have some connections that can help you network with buyers.
  • Seeking out potential buyers: Generate some interest? Now is the time to seek out qualified buyers and start having conversations with them. You can discuss potential sales terms and provide additional information.
  • Negotiations: Find the right buyer? Now you need to negotiate the terms of the sale. You want to ensure you get a fair market value for your company. A business broker can help you with the negotiation of the deal.
  • Closing: Closing is a milestone moment for sellers. A business broker can help you negotiate the best terms possible. They will also assist with all the legal paperwork and documentation required to close the deal.
  • Due diligence: Buyers will have a period of time to perform their due diligence and ensure that everything stated in the sales agreement is legitimate.
  • Training: Outgoing owners are often retained for a period of time to assist with the transition of the company. You may be asked to provide training and consultation to assist the new owners as they learn the ins and outs of your company.

A business broker can help you with each step in the process of selling your company.

Sell Your Luxury Goods Company With Beacon

Selling your luxury good company is a big decision, especially if you’ve owned the company for an extended period of time. Are you serious about selling? Not sure yet? Want to learn more about what it would take to evaluate and list your company for sale? Our business brokers can help answer any questions you have about selling your company. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you sell your company for top dollar. We’re ready to help if you are ready to sell. Contact Beacon to start the process of selling your luxury goods company.

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