Refinancing Corporate Debt

Refinancing Corporate Debt

Is your company tight on cash flow? Want to get better loan repayment terms? Want to leverage your current position to get more capital? You may want to consider refinancing corporate debt as part of your financing strategy.

There are many times were corporations may find themselves in a financial situation where they require some assistance. Whether you are just getting off the ground, are ready to take that next step in your development or you’re a well-established corporation, you may need to refinance corporate debt. Refinancing allows you to take advantage of improved market conditions. When you refinance corporate debt you can quickly improve operations and put your company in a better financial position. This type of loan can help you now and set you up for future success.

At Beacon, we work closely with all types and sizes of corporations. We have strong partnerships with many different lenders in the finance industry to ensure we can provide you a complete package that enables you to obtain the right corporate debt financing at the best rates. We’ll work with you to assess your current financial situation. We’ll take a look at things like your balance sheets, cash flow, and other financial documents to see if refinancing corporate debt is a viable option for your business. Rather than just make the default decision to go with a bank, our experts can provide you with more options.

There are a number of situations where a company may consider corporate debt financing. You may want to take advantage of a better interest rate or extend a loan maturity date. Another reason to consider refinancing is because of an improved company credit rating. You may also issue new equity to lower your overall debt load. Regardless of situation, the ultimate goal of refinancing corporate debt is to give your corporate more financial flexibility until your situation improves. It can be the difference between filing for bankruptcy and etching a path to success moving forward.

Why should you consider refinancing corporate debt? There are a number of key benefits to using this financing option to fund your business. First, you will have additional flexibility in a time when you need it most. You give yourself more time to improve your business operations and get yourself out of financial distress. Most importantly, you free up cash to execute your business objectives. This could mean more cash to purchase products, pay off creditors, or you could use the capital for many difference strategic business initiatives.

If you are looking to take advantage of lower interest rates or get an improved credit rating, our experts at Beacon Advisors can help. We’ll match you with the right lender for your situation. We’ve worked with all types of corporations and understand your financial needs. Contact us today to explore your options for refinancing corporate debt. We look forward to working with you and helping your business with its financial objectives.

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