New City of Toronto Opportunities Hub

Beacon Corporation, Brokerage is pleased to announce the launch of a new City of Toronto business listings website. The City of Toronto recognizes the potential of developing small to medium size companies as a means for economic growth. As a result, the Opportunities Bulletin Board has been created under the City of Toronto umbrella to provide a forum where, amongst others, local sellers and buyers can interact to advertise and respectively find a business for sale. Beacon is proud to join the City of Toronto in the early stages of the project and has listed all of its current Businesses for Sale on the Bulletin Board.

(Article c/o City of Toronto)
Business owners are constantly striving to remain competitive in the marketplace. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved. Business expansion, in its many forms, can lead to increased profits. Exporting, technology or product development, better facility utilization, improved productivity or creating partnerships are some of the many ways to grow a business. And with business growth, often comes job growth.

To better assist the Toronto business community to identify partnership and investment prospects, the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture Division (EDC) has developed the Toronto Business Opportunities Bulletin Board. Initiatives such as this one help improve the business climate within the city to enable, accelerate and attract economic growth.

The Bulletin Board is a free online marketplace where investors, sellers and buyers can source and connect with Toronto business and investment opportunities and is available at
Business Opportunities Bulletin Board.

The site simplifies the process of finding a potential business partner. By viewing the listings, you are able to scan the available opportunities and maximize your ability to find the right Toronto business match for your needs.

The confidential, searchable listings on the Toronto Business Opportunities Bulletin Board are divided into six broad categories:
• Companies for sale
• Companies seeking equity investment
• Company buyers/investors
• Excess capacity
• Joint venture and licensing opportunities
• New ventures

Companies for sale: Are you looking to sell your company or buy a company to enter the Toronto market? For those considering venturing into the world of business ownership, acquisition of an existing business rather than starting one from the ground up often allows you to skip the expensive — and potentially risky — start-up stage.

Companies seeking equity investment: Are you looking for an equity investor to expand your business? Frequently, coming up with the next great idea is only part of the battle. Search these listings if you’re looking for an equity investor to inject capital and/or management expertise into your business.

Company buyers/investors: You’ve thought long and hard and have decided that you want to expand into a particular sector of Toronto’s business environment. Now you just need to find that perfect company. If you’re an investor looking to acquire a business outright, form a business agreement, or identify a business development opportunity such as a new product or technology, the Business Opportunities Bulletin Board might have the listing for you.

Excess capacity: Is your company looking for contracts to absorb capacity? Companies with facilities that are seeking contract arrangements to absorb capacity can post their opportunity to this section of the website.

Joint venture and licensing opportunities: Established companies with a product or a process that are seeking a joint venture partner or licensing agreement to increase production and/or promotion initiatives may make the perfect match through the site.

New ventures: Ventures in the early stage of their business cycle that are looking for additional capital and/or management or technical skills can list their needs on the site in the hopes of finding the perfect investor.