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Evan Beaupré,  CBV, CPA, CA joins the Valuations Team at Beacon Mergers and Acquisitions
Deal Completion: Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Business
Beacon Completes Sale of a Property Damage Restoration Contractor to Seasoned Entrepreneur with a track record of growing businesses
Beacon Completes Sale of Leading Cheese and Prepared Foods Wholesaler & Retailer
Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions Completes Sale of Automated Commerical Door Business
Beacon enters into an agreement with KEMA Partners LLC, a FINRA/SIPC member and SEC registered broker-dealer, to gain access to the US market.
Beacon Completes Sale of Virtual Event Production Company with In-house Software
Beacon strengthens its global presence by joining Pandion Partners International Mergers & Acquisitions
Beacon Capital Advisors secures $6.5M term loan for specialized seating systems business acquisition 
Beacon Completes Sale of Keystone Fitness Equipment Vendor and Wholesaler