How to Valuate & Sell a Software Company with a Business Broker

SaaS and software companies have come to prominence in today’s technological age. They are commonplace and used by all types of businesses across many different industries. So, when one comes up for sale, there is generally a lot of interest. Investors, other software companies and adjacent businesses are always looking for a good investment opportunity.

If you are thinking about selling your SaaS or software company, there are likely two main questions on your mind:

There are two ways you can approach the sale of your company. You can try to sell it yourself or you can have someone else try to sell it for you.

If you want to best position your company to sell for top dollar, work with an experienced business broker. At Beacon, our team of expert business brokers can help you effectively navigate the sales process. We can provide you with a proper valuation, help you set your sales price, find the right buyers, set up an engaging marketing campaign, and help you close the deal.

When Should I Sell My SaaS / Software Company?

The best time to sell any business is when you can show strong profits and growth potential. Your software company will generate more interest from buyers. More buyers can help drive up the price of the sale.  In order to determine the best time to sell your company, you will need to take a detailed look at your organization. You need to assess your financial strength, consider your exit strategy, and determine the best timeline to sell your company. Getting a valuation assessment from our brokers is a great starting point to get your company ready to sell.

Get A Valuation For Your Software Company

Getting a proper valuation from an experienced business brokerage cannot be overlooked. Avoid the temptation to self-valuate your company. Keep in mind you have a biased opinion and getting and a third party to assess the true value of your organization is important. Value your company too high and you will drive buyers away. Value your company too low and you can be losing out on profits.

Get a valuation by using a business broker. We will help you establish the right selling price for your SaaS or software company. This is particularly important if you have multiple business partners. Getting the valuation correct will impact the sales process, negotiations, taxes, legal considerations, and more.

Factors that can impact the overall value of your SAAS or software company include:

  • Business age
  • Growth potential
  • Business stability and strong financial
  • Customer acquisition costs and churn rates
  • Transferability

Contact us today to learn more about the business valuation process.

Use An Experienced Business Broker For the Sale Of Your Organization

Getting a valuation from a business broker is a great way to understand what you can get for your company. But, actually finding the right buyers and getting the right price for your company takes a lot of work. Our business brokers can help you with all aspects of the sale of your company. We can advise you on the best steps and strategies to take to market your company to the right buyers and get the best offers.

Do I Really Need A Business Broker To Sell My Saas / Software Company?

EmployeesThe short answer is yes. Do you really have the time to run your company effectively while also exploring your sales options? You will have a difficult time balancing these tasks. Plus, there are many overlooked and unforeseen things that can arise during the sale of the company. Most business owners don’t have the time or expertise to handle them. Our business brokers provide you with unbiased expert advice and consultation to help you overcome common issues.

Sell Your Software Business With Beacon

Are you seriously considering selling your SaaS or software company in the near future? Want to learn more about what it will take to value and sell your company? Set up an appointment to talk with our business brokers. At Beacon, we specialize in helping companies get the right valuation and sell their company for top dollar. We will help you with all aspects of the sales process and ensure you maximize your investment. Contact us today today to start the process of selling your SaaS or software company.

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