How to Valuate & Sell a Construction Equipment Company with a Business Broker

Are you thinking about selling your construction equipment company? There are many different types of companies within the construction industry. There are builders, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and many others. One of the most important types is construction equipment companies – the organizations that provide the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done.

At Beacon Advisors, we’ve worked with many companies just like yours in your specific situation. Whether you are serious about selling or want to learn more about the process, we can help. Our team of business brokers offer expert business valuation services, can help you understand your company value, and assist with all steps involved with the sale of your construction equipment company. Are you ready to get started? Let’s look at some key considerations before selling.

Key Considerations For Selling Your Construction Equipment Company

Selling a business in Canada is not an easy decision. There is a lot to think about. There is also a lot of work you will have to put into getting your company in shape before you sell. Here are some of the key considerations for selling your construction equipment company:

  • Sales: How are your company sales? Are you on an upward projection? Do your sales forecast for future years look good? It’s important to show strong growth potential when listing your company for sale. It’s one of the main things potential buyers will be looking for. They want to buy companies that are profitable and can grow even more.
  • Inventory: As an equipment company, your inventory management is vital. You need to show a strong inventory management strategy, have an effective tracking system, and show that you can operate lean. Excess supply or too much of the wrong type of equipment could impact your bottom line when you list your company for sale. Get your inventory under control.
  • Sales and marketing: Do you have a strong sales and marketing strategy? Have you developed a strong customer base? Is it growing? What steps are you taking to reach your customers? What new sales and marketing opportunities can you put forward to show interested buyers there is potential to reach even more people and drive more sales?
  • Strengthen the organization: How strong is your company overall? Do you have a well-defined infrastructure? What systems do you use for operations? Do you use the latest strategies and techniques? Are you ahead of, on par with, or behind competitors? Do you have strategic partnerships with other companies that give you a competitive advantage? How you run your business says a lot about the overall strength of your company.
  • Supplier and distributor relations: Do you have strong relationships with your key business partners? Your suppliers are very important in equipment sales. If you have strong long term relationships with vendors, manufacturers, financial lenders, and other organizations, buyers will have more interest.
Why Selling Your Construction Equipment Company Is Worth Considering

There are many great reasons for you to consider selling your company. Some of the most common are retirement, you’ve don’t everything you can do with the company or its just time for a change. Often times, partners are ready to dissolve the company and move on to other challenges. Whatever the reason, it’s very important to take the right steps. One of the most important is getting a business valuation to get an accurate appraisal.

How To Valuate Your Construction Equipment Company

Your business valuation is one of the most important steps to take during the sales process. It allows you to get a good snapshot of your company finances, identify areas of strength, areas to improve before you sell, and get a better idea of how your company companies to others. Based on what is uncovered, you will know what your company is worth and also what other similar companies have recently sold for. Your valuation will be the basis for when you choose to sell and how you intend to market your company to buyers. A business broker can help you get an accurate and unbiased valuation.

Sell Your Construction Equipment Company With Beacon

If you are seriously thinking about selling your construction equipment company, we want to speak with you about your options. We can walk you through the valuation and sales process, answer your questions, and help you better understand the process from start to finish. Give us a call to start the process of selling your construction equipment business.

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