How to Sell Your Landscaping Business

How to Sell Your Landscaping Business

Are you thinking about selling your landscaping business? It’s a tough decision to make. Building a business is the hard part. Now that you’re profitable, things are running well. But it’s also the best time to sell and capitalize on your hard work and investment. You want to sell your company at its peak value. There is always demand in the landscaping industry for great companies that provide great service, have a great reputation in the community, and are profitable.

There is a lot of diversity within the industry, and if you have a landscaping business that serves a specific niche or has a strong competitive advantage, you will have interested buyers.

Ensure Independent OperationAt Beacon Advisors, we can help you with the sale of your company. From executing business valuations to finding the right buyers, marketing, and negotiations, we can help you position your business to get the best price.

Selling your landscaping business is a multi-step process. Here we discuss some of the most important steps in preparing your business to sell.

Valuing Your Landscaping Business

Determining a value for your landscaping company is a vital part of the selling process. Price it too high and you could have issues finding a buyer. Price it too low and you could be losing out on profits from the sale.

There are many different factors that directly impact your landscaping business valuation. They include:

  • Sales revenue
  • Business records, tax returns, financial documents
  • Business customer diversity
  • Your company size, years of operation, location, number of employees
  • Your current service contracts with customers
  • Type of landscaping services – commercial vs. residential
  • Industry reputation and brand
  • Your workforce

These are all factors that need to be expertly assessed to ensure you have an accurate business valuation estimate. A business broker can help you accurately determine a fair market value for your business.

Positioning Your Business

Is now the best time to sell? Are your sales on the rise? Are they stagnant? When you sell your business and how you position it will have a big impact on your sales position. Look for areas to improve your business and make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Business brokers can help you identify opportunities to improve your company and maximize its profitability before you list it for sale.

Marketing Your Landscaping Business

How is your company unique? What makes you different from your competitors? Why would a buyer be interested in buying your company over another landscaping business? These are important questions to ask yourself when you sell your landscaping business. You want to position your company as unique, make it easy to operate and express the advantages of buying your business within the landscaping industry.

Potential Buyers for Your Landscaping Business

Landscaping businesses can be presented with offers from a variety of sources, depending on the size and location of your company. An offer can be made from:

  • An individual buyer – usually if your business is smaller
  • A competitor
  • A private equity group
  • An investor or strategic buyer

The type of buyer you sell to will have a direct impact on your ability to get the best return on your investment. A business broker can help you carefully screen and assess buyers to determine the best strategy to help you get the best selling price.

Use a Business Broker to Sell Your Landscaping Company

Preparing your business for sale is a large undertaking. Every decision you make can impact your saleability and the offers you receive from buyers.

Many business owners go back and forth about whether or not they should sell their company themselves or enlist the assistance of a business broker. We know you’re an expert at operating your landscaping business, but are you an expert at selling your company?

At Beacon, our experienced team of business brokers helps you with all aspects of the sale of your landscaping company. From business valuation to marketing, identifying and screening buyers, negotiations, and closing the deal, we can help you get the best price.

Sell Your Landscape Business with Beacon

Are you thinking about selling your commercial or residential landscaping company? Want to learn more about your business’s value and opportunities? We understand that no two businesses are alike, even within the landscaping industry. Using cutting edge processes, technology-driven practices, and industry experts, our team will help you get the best price for your company. Contact the experts at Beacon to start the process of selling your landscaping business.

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