How to Sell Your Import Business

Making the decision to sell your import business is a difficult one. You want to maximize your investment and get top dollar for your company. With all the time and resources put into your company, setting a proper business valuation and understanding how to effectively position your business can be challenging. Business owners are naturally biased. You are too close to your business. An outside perspective from professional business brokers will give you the insights you need to make the best decisions when selling your import business.

At Beacon, our expert team can provide your business with a proper valuation, help you set the right sales price, market your business, connect you with buyers, and much more.

Steps to Sell Your Import Business

Selling your import business is a multi-step process. Once you have decided to sell, it’s essential to follow these general steps to best position your company:

Get Your Business Ready to Sell

When you make the decision to sell, it can change the way you do business and how you operate. It’s important to get your financials in order and make your company as strong of an asset as possible. It’s best to sell when your company is in a strong position to maximize profits and attract more potential buyers.

Hire a Business Broker to Sell Your Import Business

Hiring a business broker can help you quickly and effectively sell your business. Once you enter a formal listing agreement with a broker, you can start the process of selling your business.

Assessment and Business Valuation of Your Import Business

A proper assessment is required in order for your business to get an accurate business valuation. It is important to not undervalue or overvalue your business. Finding the right valuation is a key sales driver. This process involves examining your business books, comparing your company to other similar competitors in the marketplace.

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Import Business

How you market your business is vital. As part of your marketing plan, you will create a document that outlines your business to potential buyers. This document will explain your business operations, including financials and other important information. It will then be distributed to potential buyers through your business broker.

Find and Engage Potential Buyers for Your Import Business

Buyers for your import business can arise in many ways. Brokers will explore the proper channels to market your business to potential buyers, engage prospective buyer inquiries, set up meetings, and assess the level of interest for the sale of your business.

Negotiate the Sale of Your Import Business

You may receive one offer. You may get multiple competing offers from buyers. What is your negotiation strategy? How do you plan to counteroffers? Business brokers will field offers for the purchase of your import business, get the proper paperwork in place, get the legal aspects of the sale in place, and help you choose the best offer.

Complete the Sale of Your Import Business

Complete the sale of your business when a buyer makes a final, agreed-upon offer to purchase your business. All terms for the sale are reviewed, payment terms are defined, legal transfer of ownership is completed, and all assets are transferred over to the new owners of the import business.

Use an Experienced Mergers & Acquisitions Broker

At Beacon, our business brokers can advise and consult you on all steps required to sell your import business. We work collaboratively with business owners just like you to ensure your business is strong, well-marketed, and in the best position to sell to help you capitalize and get the best return on your investment.

Get peace of mind in knowing you were diligent, leveraged the proper channels, and put your business in the best position possible before selling.

Sell Your Import Business with Beacon

Are you considering selling your import business? Not sure about the necessary steps to take? Contact us to explore your options to sell your company. Our expert business brokers can help you develop a strong sales strategy, ensure you get an accurate business valuation, and help you maximize the value of your business.

We help small- to medium-sized import businesses get the best return on the sale of your business.  Contact us to start the process of selling your import business.

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