Beacon Completes Sale of Commercial Landscape Construction Business

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 4, 2020Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions is pleased to announce the successful completion of the sell-side mandate for a 22-year old commercial landscape construction business.

After completing the business valuation in July 2019, the company engaged Beacon’s transaction team in late August 2019 to help it implement a succession plan for the owner of this extremely successful business.

As a very specialized operation with a focus on large-scale master plan communities and infrastructure landscaping projects, the buyer pool for this mandate was limited to companies with experience and know-how in the industry. After running a confidential marketing process for three months, Beacon was able to identify an interested party with the right set of expertise and capabilities that had recently acquired a complementary business in the industry. The buyer pursued the acquisition and the parties ultimately reached an agreement in principle in October 2019.

Due to the highly seasonal nature of the business and the winter being a preparation period for the next construction season, the deal was consummated in late April 2020, after a ninety-day due diligence and conditional period. While the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the overall outlook of the general economy, the business’s ability to not only maintain but increase its project pipeline was paramount to the ultimate success of the transaction. Certain challenges involving transaction financing and remote due diligence were overcome and the deal was successfully completed eight months after going to market.

This transaction, which was completed in the midst of a tumultuous and uncertain economic environment, is a testament of not only the dedication and focus of all parties involved but also proof that essential businesses with good fundamentals remain well-positioned and attractive investment opportunities. The Beacon transaction team, led by Alex Shteriev, extends its best wishes to both the former and new owners in achieving their respective goals.

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