Application and Add-On Software Developer & Vendor

Application and Add-On Software Developer & Vendor

Application and Add-On Software Developer & Vendor
Location: Greater Toronto Area

Industry: Software & IT Service

This is an opportunity to acquire a software developer and vendor that specializes in developing add-ons and apps for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Over 60% of the business’ revenue is recurring and it has a roster of over 5,000 clients worldwide. The business offers a plethora of applications and tools that fully integrate with Microsoft SharePoint. In addition, the company also offers training and consulting services to its clients. The company’s add-on solutions are cost-effective and easier to use compared to other proprietary tools.

The business’ client base is spread out globally, including large corporations and government institutions. Revenue is generated from new sales as well as on-going maintenance and service support. Due to its investment in cloud technology, the business is well positioned for strong organic growth. Moreover, the business also has a partnership program with other value-added resellers which allows deeper market penetration. Due to its subscription based model and recurring customer base, the business has maintained a consistent top line revenue with no seasonality.

Cloud computing has experienced strong growth over the last five years as it offers a lower cost solution for companies to store large amounts of data in a secure and organized fashion. Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, cloud-computing has become the fastest growing segment in the I.T. industry and is expected to continue strong growth as corporations and small businesses switch to cloud-based systems.

This is an excellent opportunity for another developer or vendor to diversify its portfolio. It is also a turn-key opportunity for a private buyer with experience as a developer to acquire a company with a large book of brand name clients. Owners are willing to facilitate transition by training the new buyer and management post-sale.

Revenue: Upon Request

EBITDA: $1,016,500

Employees: 11

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