How To Valuate & Sell An Industrial Equipment Company With A Business Broker

How To Valuate & Sell An Industrial Equipment Company With A Business Broker

Putting your company up for sale is a big decision to make. You’ve worked hard to build up your company over the years. You’ve invested countless time, resources, and funds to make the company what it has become today. It’s definitely not one you should take lightly. Are you thinking about putting your industrial equipment company up for sale?  If you are, it’s important to put it up for sale for the right reasons, at the right time, and take the right steps.

Why Are You Selling Your Industrial Equipment Company?

Your reason for selling can vary greatly depending on your situation. For some company owners, you’ve fulfilled all your goals and it’s time to move on. For others, it’s about finding a new challenge. Some want to free up cash, while for others, it’s time to finally retire.

Is Now The Right Time For You To Sell Your Industrial Equipment Company?

Getting the timing of your sale right can have a huge impact on its success. Obviously you want to sell from a position of strength. This means you want to sell when there is demand for your company, when the market is strong, and when your books and forecasted sales are strong. This combination of factors will make it easier for you to attract business buyers and get top dollar for your company.

Use A Business Broker To Take The Right Steps To Sell Your Company

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Selling a company can be a complex process. That is, if you don’t have an expert advisor working for you. This is why many companies choose to hire a business brokerage firm to assist with the sale of their company. Brokers are experts at selling companies. They’ve worked with all types of companies, they have dealt with all the potential issues that have arisen, and they can help you with every step in the sales process. In most situations, you will need to complete these steps:

  • Business assessment – we’ll take a look at the current state of your company.
  • Business valuation – we’ll determine how much your company is worth.
  • Creation of business prospectus/ marketing plan – get a plan for how you will position and sell your company.
  • Market the business – we’ll market your business to the right group of potential buyers.
  • Identify potential buyers – we’ll leverage our network for reach out to investors and entrepreneurs who may be interested.
  • Qualify buyers and negotiate – once we find a buyer, we’ll make sure they are serious.
  • Receive offers – We will help you field offers from buyers.
  • Negotiate the terms of the deal and close – we’ll handle to legal documentation and negotiate a deal that you will be satisfied with.
  • Due diligence – the buyer will perform their due diligence.
  • Transition out of the company – you will transition out of the company and move on to the next chapter in your life.

At Beacon, we have the expert business brokers you are looking to help you with the sale of your industrial equipment company. We work with companies just like yours and our goal is to help you maximize your investment and sell for the most money possible. The process starts with business valuation services.

Start With A Business Valuation For Your Industrial Equipment Company

You need to know how much your company is potentially worth before you list it for sale. If you are looking for an accurate and unbiased assessment of your company value, a business broker is the most effective option. Business brokers can also provide you with great insights into things you can do to improve your business worth and how to overcome common issues that will add more value to your business.

Some of the common factors to consider that will impact your company value include:

  • Financial records
  • Project profits
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Business processes
  • Inventory and trade secrets
  • Top company talent and staff
  • Reputation in the industry and local community

Sell Your Industrial Equipment Company With Beacon

Is now is the time to sell your industrial equipment company? Not sure? Want to gather some additional information before you make a final decision? No problem. There is a lot to think about. Give our business brokers a call to talk about your options. Our expert team will sit down with you to discuss the current state of your company, the market, potential buyers and much more, Contact us to start the process of selling your industry equipment company with us.

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