How to Valuate & Sell a Pharmaceuticals Company

Pharmaceuticals are a big business. There is a lot of revenue potential within the industry. As a related industry to healthcare, it continues to grow and thrive. A company that operates effectively can generate significant profit. This is something that is very attractive to entrepreneurs, investors, and other pharmaceutical companies looking to expand their market share and presence in the industry.

Are you thinking about selling your pharmaceutical company? Now is as good of a time as ever to take a look at what the market has to offer and identify the level of interest in your company. Not sure where to start? Partnering with the right business broker is a great starting point. Business brokers can help you assess your business, determine the business value, and help you find the right buyers. They take the guesswork out of the equation and give you confidence in knowing you are taking the right steps.

At Beacon, we have worked closely with many small to medium size pharmaceutical companies just like yours. We’ve had great success helping these companies get top dollar when selling and we can do the same for you. Are you ready to sell?

Key Factors To Valuate & Sell a Pharmaceuticals Company

There is a lot to think about when selling your business. This is why an important first step is to assess the current state of your company. Take a look at things from a buyer’s perspective. If you were looking to buy your company, what would be the important things you would key in on? Here we outline some of the key factors to considering:

  • Client base: Does your company have a strong customer base? It is diverse? Is it growing? Are there key segments you can expand?
  • Marketing plan: What is your marketing strategy? What are your key differentiators? What channels and platforms do you use? What are your future plans to boost your brand presence?
  • Product diversity: How many different products do you offer? Do you mainly produce one type of product? Are you planning to expand your product line?
  • Business strategy: What is your business direction? Are there plans for growth? If so, where? What opportunities exist to build your business?
  • Patents: What patents do you own? How many? For what type of products? Do you have any new patents being developed?
  • Finances: What is the current financial state of your company? How much revenue do you generate annually? How much profit? Are sales and profit on the rise?
Why Use A Mergers & Acquisition Broker To Sell Your Pharmaceuticals Company

All companies want two things when they start the process of selling their company. You want it to be as quick and easy as possible. More importantly, you want the biggest return on your investment. An m&a business broker can do both and offer you many additional benefits:

  • Business valuation experts: Business brokers are valuation experts. We can provide you with an accurate valuation of your business that is bias free, based on your current business condition, how the market is faring, and based on what other similar companies have sold for recently.
  • Independent and unbiased: Our team can take a look at your company from an outside perspective. We can identify potential weaknesses to improve and opportunities to strengthen your company before selling. Remove bias from the decision making process.
  • Trusted advisor: Business brokers are your trusted advisor. We have your best interests in mind at all times. If an issue arises, you can count on us to address it quickly. We’ll make sure the sale of your business doesn’t get caught up in a technicality.
  • Peace of mind: When you hire a business broker, you are taking all the steps necessary to get your business ready for sale. There will be no regrets and you’ll be satisfied you did everything possible to maximize the sale price.
Sell Your Pharmaceuticals Company With Beacon

Are you thinking about selling your pharma company? It’s a big decision. For many business owners gather some more information and exploring your options is a first step. Our business brokers will happily answer your questions. We can provide you with a business valuation to determine if now is the right time to sell your company. If you decide to sell, we’ll help you with all aspects of the sale. Get in touch with us to start the process of selling your pharmaceuticals business.

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