How to Valuate & Sell a Cannabis Company with a Business Broker

How to Valuate & Sell a Cannabis Company with a Business Broker

There is significant interest in the Cannabis industry in Canada. It’s an industry that is in its infancy and people want to get into the marketplace. There are literally people lining up to get company licenses and be part of the industry. Investors and businesses want to get in the industry early and become part of new start-ups. Since it’s only in its infancy, there is significant growth potential. There are many new avenues to explore and the potential to capitalize and make a great return on investment is attractive.

Are You Thinking About Selling Your Cannabis Company?

Do you own a cannabis company? Are you thinking about selling? Are you interested in exploring how much money you could potentially make with the sale of your company? Many business owners become curious from time to time about their sale options, even for new start-up companies. Maybe you’ve accomplished all your goals or you are looking for a new challenge. Regardless of your reasons, considering the sale of your company is not something you should take lightly.

In addition to being curious about how much money you could potentially make, most business owners want to better understand the steps required to sell their company. You’ve worked hard to build it up and if you want to reap the rewards, you need to be diligent. A business broker can help you properly evaluate your business and sell it for top dollar.

At Beacon, expert business brokers can answer all your questions, provide you with guidance, and be your trusted advisor. We’ll help you do a business valuation, establish a competitive selling price, help you find the right type of business, negotiate and close the deal. Most importantly, we will help you get the best price possible for your cannabis company.

Why Are Cannabis Business Valuations so Important?

Getting a valuation for your cannabis business is important for a number of reasons, primarily because the industry is so new and values can change quickly. Your business value could change a lot year over year, especially if you are having a lot of success. Getting a business valuation allows you to determine if now is the right time to sell or hold onto your business for longer.

Valuations can also change a lot depending on the location of your business, your type of cannabis business (grower, distributor, retailer) local regulations, cash flow and financial records, and other information related to the day to day operations.

Benefits Of Using A Business Broker To Valuate Your Cannabis Company

How you do your business valuation can have a big impact on your sale price and the level of interest you can generate from buyers. Price it too low and you could be leaving money on the table. Overestimate the value and you could have issues finding a buyer.

Business brokers specialize in valuations. They can help you properly assess, analyze, and value your business. They can expertly communicate your financial strengths, help you improve upon your weaknesses, and boost your company value. At Beacon, we follow a stringent valuation process to determine an unbiased and fair market value for your cannabis business.

Why Use A Business Broker To Sell Your Cannabis Company?


Selling your business can be a complex process. There are countless potential issues that could arise and there are many steps in the process to ensure you get the most value out of selling. A business broker can give you a strategic advantage. They can help you with many important aspects of the sales process, including:

  • Business Continuity
  • Marketing
  • Finding the right buyers
  • Business valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Closing

Business brokers are also your advisor throughout the process. They will guide, explain the steps needed to best position your company, and they will answer all of your questions as you work your way toward selling your cannabis business.

Sell Your Cannabis Company With Beacon

Are you giving some serious thought to selling your cannabis company? Want to explore your options in greater detail? Our business brokers can help you with all steps involved in the valuation and sale of your company. We will work with you directly to strengthen your business and maximize its appeal to buyers. Have peace of mind in knowing you have a trusted advisor on your side that will help you get top value for your business. Contact us to start the valuation process for your cannabis company.

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