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Distressed Investing

Uncertainty of events can lead businesses into difficult situations. Distressed investing with Beacon can provide the opportunity to identify and exploit overlooked deals in the market.

Distressed debt opportunities come in many forms including companies with poor capital structures, declining profitability or debt maturity. The current economic landscape opens several distressed debt investment opportunities for investors as businesses face cash flow constraints and are forced to enter creditor protection. Despite high dry powder reserves, financial buyers have been hesitant to deploy capital over the last few years due to expensive multiples and low return on investment. While distressed debt opportunities can generate attractive returns, Canada has seen little activity in this niche, primarily due to the perceived risk associated with such companies.

That’s where Beacon Advisors comes in, to help you find the right deals, move forward with confidence and execute an effective strategy. Beacon strongly believes that the current market landscape will present attractive distressed debt opportunities as companies with strong operating models struggle to stay afloat due to weak demand and short-term liquidity issues. Our experience in M&A and debt advisory allows us to source accretive acquisition opportunities for our clients keeping in mind their appetite for risk.
Beacon offers its clients exclusive access to distressed debt opportunities through its global network of over 10,000 bankruptcy trustees, creditors, business owners and investors. Our network and experience in transaction advisory gives us deep insights into market conditions allowing us to better support clients in making informed decisions.

Why Choose Beacon?

  • Network of over 10,000+ industry professionals including bankruptcy trustees, lenders, business owners and investors
  • 10+ year of experience in M&A and transaction advisory with 100+ completed mandates
  • Expertise in sourcing accretive investment opportunities
  • Close coordination with clients to find opportunities in line with risk appetite
  • Proprietary access to transaction data and business intelligence
Distressed investing