Become a Business Broker

Opening Your Own Business Brokerage Office

With recent trends supporting entrepreneurship, small and medium sized businesses are significantly contributing to the Canadian economy. In 2015 over 30% GDP was due to small & medium sized enterprises. This represents a $548 billion market that is continuing to grow. Such a marketplace has brought about hundreds of M&A transactions that business brokerages help facilitate on a daily basis. Operating a business brokerage can be a lucrative business venture, but comes with a large investment of time and capital. The costs associated with customer acquisition are considerable and the challenges in obtaining a steady deal flow is immensely difficult without significant time and resources.

Knowing these obstacles, Beacon Brokerage has strategically positioned itself at the frontier of providing valued representation in a continuously changing marketplace. Having been in the business brokerage and M&A industry for the last decade, Beacon specializes in valuing and transacting small to medium size businesses with revenues of $1 million to $50 million across North America.

Getting it Right the First Time

If you are considering entering the business broker and M&A industry Beacon can assist with setting up and facilitating your business brokerage office through our affiliate office program. Our affiliate program is designed to allow new broker partners to quickly and seamlessly enter the business broker industry with the necessary resources and tools to be cash flow positive within the first year of opening, at a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

Our program is designed to overcome start up obstacles so you can hit the ground running. Having gone through the process ourselves we have structured our affiliate program to focus on what is important for a business brokerage office so you can concentrate on getting deals transacted.

Our affiliate program includes the following;

1. Access to a proven multiple product revenue stream that has shown to generate steady monthly cash-flow.
3. Access and full array of proprietary customer acquisition tools ranging from online marketing and presentation materials to legal agreements.
4. A trusted and established brand name operating in Canada with business clients across North America.
5. Back office infrastructure with analyst and Chartered Business Valuator support.
6. Extensive in person training and daily support.
7. A monthly license fee structure that does not encumber your top line and does not eat into your bottom line.

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