Beacon completes the sale of Nostra Gourmet Foods to Premier Polmarex


Toronto, Ontario, May 2019 – Beacon Corporation (“Beacon”) is pleased to announce the completion of the sale of Nostra Gourmet Foods Inc. (“Nostra”) to Premier Polmarex Inc. (“Polmarex”), with the deal closing in May 2019.  Beacon was the exclusive sell-side advisor for Nostra, and facilitated the complete M&A process which included business valuation, confidential marketing, buyer screening, negotiations and due diligence.

Beacon ran an extensive sales process, which involved vetting potential buyers to identify those with experience and an interest in sales and marketing.  Beacon’s deal team was closely involved through the entire transaction process, successfully closing the deal approximately eight months since initial involvement. Nostra is a fresh and frozen entrée food business that has built a strong reputation from its production of high quality foods across 20 years of operations.

“The sale process was extensive; we were required to locate a buyer that had the knowledge and appreciation of the quality food industry. It was paramount that they had an understanding of the magnitude of work the Nostra founders have dedicated towards research and development, acquirement of licenses and leaseholds, in order to become the reputable business they are today” says Alex Shteriev, partner at Beacon.

A strategic buyer who was a good synergistic fit for the business was acquired; this success can be attributed to Beacon’s extensive network and outreach in the market. This particular acquisition was a natural progression for Polmarex, a well-established importer and distributor of quality consumer packaged goods, who were looking to expand their range of food related products further. Polmarex currently offers a diverse range of quality food and beverage products that are marketed as healthy, wholesome, natural, organic, and have an exquisite taste. Given the growth prospect of the quality food distribution industry, the buyers saw an opportunity to leverage Nostra’s current strengths to further expand its top line and market share. 

About Nostra

Nostra offers signature and high quality fresh and frozen entrées with distribution throughout major grocery chains across the GTA and Southern Ontario. Located in North York, ON, the family owned and run business has developed a strong reputation in the 20 years since it was established. The portfolio of clients for Nostra has been tremendously diverse, from large corporations such as Costco, to local supermarkets, farms and butcheries.

About Beacon

Beacon is a full-service business brokerage and M&A advisory firm based in Toronto.  Beacon specializes in sell-side M&A transactions with an Enterprise Value of up to $50M.  The firm takes a holistic approach to Transaction Advisory, offering services including business valuations and targeted confidential marketing.  Once prospective buyers have been pre-screened, Beacon also assists sellers during the negotiation and due diligence processes.