Pre-Sale Planning

Need Help Preparing your Business for Sale?

Pre-Sale Planning for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses from our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario across Canada and the United States.

Increase your Business’ Value and Plan your Exit Strategy

Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions works closely with clients planning to sell their businesses to generate new insights that improve strategy, performance, financial management, and business operations. From employees, to competitors, to financial health – every aspect of the business is heavily scrutinized by prospective buyers and investors. It helps to have an objective exit strategy advisor that can boost your business’ credibility and deal value prior to the sale.
Our exit readiness approach is flexible and tailored. Be proactive in preparing your business for sale and realize maximum value from your exit strategy with our help.

How can Beacon Advisors Help Prepare Your Business for Sale?

Beacon takes every step necessary to support management with strategic growth initiatives, achieve financial security, maximize the cash received on closing, or simply preserve existing relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Business Valuation Reports to Establish Value

Our Exit Strategists prepare accurate valuation reports in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators standards. We clearly communicate normalized earnings, financial data and forecast and confidently highlight key management and operation strengths to leverage in the event of a sale.

Strategic Assessment to Enhance Business Value

Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions takes time to understand your personal and professional goals before determining a framework for an exit plan. We then consider a business’ operational strengths, management experience, and asset quality on top of financial data to confidently identify specific and measurable opportunities to increase value before the sale of the business.

Exit Option Analysis

Depending on the business owner’s goals, selling the business may not be the answer. If that’s the case, our advisors outline every other possible exit strategy from initial public offering (IPO), to strategic acquisitions, management buyouts, or corporate restructuring.

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Beacon Advisor’s’ Process to Make your Business Ready for Sale

We identify the right type of business that fit your interest, time frame and capabilities. We have the ability to source companies based on revenues, location, clientele, and industry.

Beacon Advisors assess the business’ model, competitive advantages, and current value drivers to prepare a detailed valuation report and identify a fair buying or selling price.

Once our advisors have established the business’ current value, the natural next step is to devise a formal value creation methodology, guaranteed to boost the business’ credibility and deal value before the sale of the business. We identify potential obstacles to the sale and work to eliminate them.

At this stage, we sit down with the owner to discuss in detail what the ideal exit strategy is based on the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Whether it is selling the business or changes in the business’ management, process, or structure, Beacon Advisors have the resources to help at every step afterwards.

Why Choose Beacon Advisors to Prepare Your Business for Sale?

Our advisors and proprietary databases offer entrepreneurs, family businesses, or any fast-growing company with a level of expertise that is often exclusive to large corporations.

Unique Data-Based Insights to Grow your Business

Beacon utilizes sophisticated and innovative methods to analyze a company’s financial and operational data to provide clients not only with valuation and pricing expectations but also recommendations on enhancing their value proposition that may make a potential buyer more willing to pay full consideration – or even a premium.

Optimized Teams with Rare Industry Expertise

Our leadership consists of former lawyers, MBA’s, Chartered Business Valuators (CBV), Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI), and most importantly, business owners like yourself. Our advisors train daily in the art of negotiations and story-telling to secure the most favorable conditions, price, and timing for your sale.

What you Need to Know to Prepare your Business for Sale

The decision typically involves three variables: company overview, existing market conditions, and synergistic opportunities with potentially interested parties. Some circumstances make it easier to sell a business regardless of timing; for example, if you operate in a niche market with exclusive contacts or have a loyal customer base. Before deciding to sell your business, it is important to have an understanding of the business’ worth and be prepared to address a host of financial, operational, technology, and human resource questions buyers may have.

To assess the value of your business, you should consider a number of factors: historical performance, future potential profit trends, competition, net assets, and property values. Additionally, recent and comparable deals in the same sector give a useful indication of the price that potential buyers might pay; this information is provided by Beacon’s Valuation team. To learn more about what affects a business’s value, read our article here.

On average, a small to mid-sized business sells in roughly six to ten months. However, there is no formula to predict how long it will actually take; some businesses sell in a matter of weeks and others take much longer. Once management objectives are clearly defined and the key business issues are identified, it becomes easier to predict time frames. Whatever the time frame, you can benefit from an adviser who will stay involved throughout the entire process, including pre-sale preparations to extract maximum value.

The first step to improving business performance is to set an objective. Do you want to maximize the total value received for your business? Do you need financial support for growth initiatives? Do you want to retire? Do you need to achieve specific financial goals? Once the objective is set, it is important to maintain sales growth and performance in accordance with your objective and get your financial statements organized. Learn more about creating a succession plan here.

Beacon’s business brokers in Toronto provide professional advisory services and act as M&A advisors throughout the entire sale process to help sellers make an informed decision. Consider the characteristics that make us stand apart from other business brokerage firms:

Beacon has extensive experience providing transaction advisory services and boasts several completed transactions across many industries.
Customer Service
Working closely with our sellers from the source until the closing has helped us achieve high client satisfaction rates. As a result, Beacon received the 2020 Consumer Choice Award for business excellence.
Extensive Network
Our extensive network of buyers and industry professionals allows us to offer our clients the best advice and solutions throughout the entire business brokerage and M&A advisory process.
We are an M&A business broker in Ontario with offices and representatives in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Brantford, Niagara and London Ontario.

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