Micro Market Statistics

Micro Market Statistics

Beacon Sell Side Statistics for 2018-2019

Selling Price/Revenue Multiple: 0.57
Selling Price/EBITDA Multiple: 3.63
Time on Market (Months): 7.5

The micro-market sector of the Canadian economy has grown significantly in the past twenty years. According to a 2018 Industry Canada Report on Small Businesses, of the roughly 1.2 million employer businesses in Canada, 95% of them have less than 50 employees. Of the over 5 million people who work within the SME sector, 41% of them work for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

In a 2018 TD Waterhouse Business Succession Survey, over 75% of Canadian small-to-medium sized business owners surveyed said that they did not have a succession plan in place.

More than 40% of business owners surveyed recently by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business plan to leave their businesses in the next five years, and more than 70% within the next 10 years.

Furthermore, 71% of family businesses and 61% of non-family businesses surveyed did not have a formal exit strategy.

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