Manufacturer of Custom Vinyl Products

Manufacturer of Custom Vinyl Products

Manufacturer of Custom Vinyl Products
Price: $1,595,000

Location: Greater Toronto Area

Industry: Manufacturing & Industrial

With over 60 years in the industry, this is Canada’s leading manufacturer of office, calendar, novelty, promotional and various other vinyl products. The business has in-house custom manufacturing capabilities and can manufacture and brand a diverse portfolio of products. Due to its wide scope of operations the business has developed a diverse customer base spanning across industries including automotive, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, insurance and more.

The business has built a strong distribution network across North America and an online platform to push direct sales to customers. Through these channels the business is effectively able to target distributors, corporate clients, and insurance brokers. In addition, the business has agile relationships with multiple international suppliers. A systematic quality-control and procurement process has allowed the business to develop a strong reputation for high quality products within the industry. Due to its effective inventory management and efficient production system, the business has maintained strong profitability with a 3-year average EBITDA margin of 25%.

This is an excellent opportunity for a complementary stationery products or office supplies manufacturer seeking to expand its product line by acquiring a business with in-house custom manufacturing capabilities. This is also a good opportunity for a plastics manufacturer in a similar or adjunct industry seeking to expand their customer base and product offerings.

The asking price is for an asset transaction and includes $200,000 in inventory and equipment.

Revenue: $1,490,000

EBITDA: $510,000

Cash Flow: $580,000
SDE: $580,000

Employees: 7

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