Our Promise


Confidentiality is at the heart of each transaction and at every step of our brokerage process.

Why Confidentiality?

It forms the basis of a trusting relationship between owners who have their businesses for sale and prospective buyers who recognize the importance of confidentiality.

When large companies and corporations journey through Mergers and Acquisitions, this need is magnified tenfold and extreme measures are in place to ensure business-sensitive information is guarded. However, smaller business owners may feel more vulnerable as they are not used to sharing any information.

There are many reasons for owners to carry out the sale of their business confidentially. In order to attract a buyer and receive the desired asking price, the business must continue operating competitively. Imagine everyone in your industry knew the business was for sale; suppliers would be wary of selling on credit, customers would be wary of post-sale service, and employee relations would suffer dramatically. Needless to say, without confidentiality, a business publicly for sale on the open market could collapse.

At Beacon, we are committed to confidentially selling your business. We have many procedures in place that will ensure your business can continue to operate as normal while we screen qualified buyers.