Diversified Internet Communications Technology Service Provider in UAE and Qatar

Diversified Internet Communications Technology Service Provider in UAE and Qatar

Diversified Internet Communications Technology Service Provider in UAE and Qatar
Location: United Arab Emirates & Qatar

Industry: Media & Telecom

This is an opportunity to acquire a multidisciplinary IT solutions company specializing in fibre optics, structured cabling, wifi solutions, and network integration with operations in the UAE and Qatar. The business began operations over two decades ago and since then has grown to establish itself as a trusted high quality service provider. The business also offers data centre solutions from design to conceptualization as well as security solutions. Over the last few years, the business has increased its footprint in the CCTV and surveillance space.

The business has highly skilled teams of multidisciplinary engineers with highly coveted Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) designations. The teams are capable of undertaking complex projects involving network infrastructure projects and extra-low voltage systems. Consequently, the business boasts an exceptional delivery record and an established network of clients including multinational Fortune 500 telecom, logistics, and retail companies as well as international financial service companies, local airports, and educational institutions. The business has exposure to diverse industry verticals including energy, infrastructure, construction and utilities. Due to its strategic partnerships with tier 1 internet suppliers, the companies are well positioned to bid on niche projects that require specialized expertise.

The business’ operations, even though operating in the same industry and owned by the same parent company, operate as independent corporate entities in each of the two markets with its own dedicated leadership and workforce.

This is an excellent opportunity for an ITC company seeking to expand its footprint in the Middle East and absorb a skilled engineering operation with an established customer base. Note, numbers presented in this offering are averages pre-COVID, current revenue and profitability has been reduced due to complete shutdowns in the company’s respective markets, however, due for a quick rebound in the short to medium term.

Revenue: $14,942,000

EBITDA: $912,000

Employees: 100

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