Air Barrier Membrane Manufacturer

Air Barrier Membrane Manufacturer

Air Barrier Membrane Manufacturer
Price: $699,000

Location: Greater Toronto Area

Industry: Manufacturing & Industrial

A well-established manufacturer of specialty air barrier membranes for wall and sloped roof systems in commercial and residential buildings is for sale.

This company, established in 2001, has its own trademarked name brand that is well recognized in the design community (architects and engineers) and is included in the majority of project specifications (Division 7) across Canada and many in the USA.

The business has a high rate of customer satisfaction with virtually no turnover for the past 10 years. Increased revenues are the result of this loyalty, combined with new customers being added in Canada and the USA.

The company operates with minimal overhead using manufacturers’ representatives for promotion and a public warehouse for storage and logistics. Products are manufactured through white label manufacturing agreements with suppliers, and therefore do not require a production facility.

This is an ideal opportunity for a distributor or manufacturer with a larger sales force and offers complementary products. With greater resources, this company is poised to grow at a rapid rate and generate significant profits.

The asking price includes $200,000 working capital in a Share Transaction.

Revenue: $742,000

EBITDA: $213,000

Cash Flow: $278,000
SDE: $278,000

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